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  • Northern Calling (CD) Wayne Kelso: solo piano
  • Questions (CD) Wayne Kelso: solo piano
  • Dancing with You (CD) Wayne Kelso: solo piano / synth
  • Graceful Passage (CD) Wayne Kelso: solo piano / rhodes
  • Ancient Recognition (CD) Wayne Kelso: guitar synth / strings
  • North of Jazz (CD) Wayne Kelso: solo piano / piano trio
  • Angels and Ordinary Men (CD EMI Records) Wendy Lands: sideman
  • Here I Am (CD) Ryan Laird: producer and arranger
  • Another Man (CD) Ryan Van Bellingham: producer and arranger
  • The Long Distance Blues (CD) John McNab: producer and arranger
  • Mozart's Magic Fantasy (CD) Classical Kids: synth programmer
  • All Roads Lead to Rome (CD) Olivia Whiddon: mixing and mastering
  • Written by Water (CD) Olivia Whiddon: mixing and mastering
  • Its Christmas! (CD) Debi Sander Walker: sideman and arranger
  • Manitou Music (LP) Robert Lindstrom: sideman
  • Arcadia's Christmas Album (Cassette): sideman
  • Showtime Men's Choir (Cassette): producer & instrumental arranger
  • Longer (CD) Tom Taylor: mastering
  • Winay Taki Ayllu (CD) Q'Aytuykuta Pushkaspa: mastering
  • Digital Scratch Traxx (CD) American DJ Audio - producer, original beats, mastering
  • Joe Wawatie and Friends (CD) In the Spirit of Kokomville: mastering
  • Ushama Medicine Songs from the Sierra Madre (CD): mastering
  • Soft Lights & Sweet Music (CD) John McNab (Arrangements by Dennis Farnon, Conducted by Brian Farnon): pre-production
  • Dragon Music (CD) Paul Morin: mixing and mastering (various tracks)
  • Orphan Boy (DVD) Paul Morin /Tololwa Mollel: Animation using WindFeather
  • Jive for Joni (CD) Juno Award Winner Bob De Angelis: mastering
  • Truce (CD) The John Wayne's (Wayne Kelso & John Sobol ): artist & engineer
  • Handprints (CD) Paul Morin: mastering

CBC Radio Dramas

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Vanishing Point

  • A Dream Within a Dream written by James R. Wallen (Ken Gass, producer)
  • The Pet written by David Widdicombe (Ken Gass, producer)
  • Alligators in the Lake written by Sally Clark (Jackie Maxwell, producer)
  • A Few Words from Harold written by Rachel Wyatt (Ken Gass, producer)
  • Ultimate Destination written by Rachel Wyatt (Ken Gass, producer)
  • Everything She Wants written by Rachel Wyatt (Ken Gass, producer)
  • The Most Beautiful Girl in Town a Charles Bukowski adaptation (Ken Gass, producer.) [production later sold to NPR Radio]

The Arts Tonight

  • What Friends Do written by Dave Carley (James Roy, producer)

CBC Morningside

  • Puppy Love written by Henry Mietkiewicz (James Roy, producer)

Theatrical Scores

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  • Yaga (2023) written by Kat Sandler (The Belfry Theatre, Victoria, BC)
  • Grand Magic (2023) written by Eduardo de Filippo (Stratford Festival, Stratford)
  • 1939 (2022) written by Jani Lauzon and Kaitlyn Riordan (Stratford Festival, Stratford)
  • The Rez Sisters (2021) written by Tomson Highway (Stratford Festival, Stratford)
  • Moonlodge (2021) written by Margo Kane (Soulpepper Theatre, Toronto)
  • Helen’s Necklace (2018) written by Carole Fréchette (Berkeley St. Theatre, Toronto, Burlington Performing Arts Centre)
  • Tideline (2016) written by Wajdi Mouawad (Hart House Theatre, Toronto)
  • Armstrong's War (2015) written by Colleen Murphy (The Citadel, Toronto)
  • Days of Wine & Roses (2015) written by JP Miller (Hart House Theatre, Toronto)
  • How do I Love Thee? (2015) written by Florence Gibson MacDonald (Berkeley St. Theatre, Toronto)
  • Pacamambo (2014) written by Wajdi Mouawad (The Citadel, Toronto)
  • The Rez Sisters (2011) written by Tomson Highway ( Factory Theatre, Toronto)
  • Beyond Mozambique (2008) written by George F. Walker ( Factory Theatre, Toronto)
  • Sunshine & Shadows (2007) created by James B. Douglas. Based on the writings of Stephen Leacock. (The Arts & Letters Club, Toronto) (Orillia Opera House) (Rose Theatre, Brampton}
  • Better Living (2007) written by George F. Walker ( Factory Theatre, Toronto)
  • Escape from Happiness (2007) written by George F. Walker ( Factory Theatre, Toronto) (Sound Consultant)
  • Possible Worlds (2006) written by John Mighton (The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, Toronto) Directed by theatre icon Yoshi Oida
  • Apple (2006) written by Vern Thiessen (Factory Theatre, Toronto)
  • The Leisure Society (2005) written by Francois Archambault (Factory Theatre, Toronto) Score nominated for a Dora Award
  • Amazon Dream (1995) written by Ken Gass (Factory Theatre, Toronto)
  • Claudius (1993) written by Ken Gass (Factory Theatre, Toronto)
  • The Matador (1989) based on the works of Charles Bukowski (York Street Theatre, Ottawa) Created by Mina E Mina
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